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Jane works an average 80 hour week–often more. Her friends and family rarely see her anymore. Her love life doesn’t exist because she has no time for that either. She willingly makes these sacrifices believing that she has to forfeit her personal interests to get the business started.This is the entrepreneur’s disease. We don’t believe we will fail. We don’t believe we will collapse under the pressure, because the pot of gold waiting just ahead is worth it all.

Is there something that Jane could do to improve her chances? Something that doesn’t cost much money but will improve her mental sharpness, give her people a chance to assert their strengths and build a trust with investors and suppliers that her business is more than a personal project? Can she pursue her dream and still refresh? Of course.

The answer may surprise you. She should take vacations away from the business. And do that often. Yes, less time in her business, not more.

At least once a month, Jane should take a 3 day holiday. A long weekend or even at times mid-week.

Once a year, Jane should take 2 weeks or more and leave the country. She should go where no one understands what she is doing or why. She will learn how other cultures can do well with less, and what life’s priorities really are. Jane will appreciate what she has even more and become revitalized to her dream.

Find a travel advisor that you can trust. One who will help you set aside the time and money to make that possible. A great travel advisor, like a great financial advisor or estate planner, will help you work to live, instead of living to work.

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Key Findings on Vacation Habits of Americans 2019

› American’s 2019 summer vacation spending will hit a record $101.7 billion, with average vacation spend exceeding $2,000 for the first time in a decade. › More than half (57%) of Americans did not take a leisure trip longer than four nights in the past year, a trend led by Millennials. › Six out of 10 Americans say it’s important to take an annual week-long vacation**, but only four out of 10 are confident they’ll take a summer vacation this year, the lowest percentage since 2013. › Nearly two-thirds of ...
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Fly Healthy

In your carry-on, always take an empty glass, stainless or plastic water bottle. The key is to have it empty before you get into the security line. The moment you pass through security, you can fill it at any drinking fountain or visit a restaurant and ask them to fill it for you with water at no charge. You will want to stay hydrated. Air conditioning and in-flight air filtration provide very dry air. With your own water bottle, you can stay refreshed without breaking the bank. Be sure your ...
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The Unexpected Will Likely Happen On Your Journeys

Here is a recent news story: "A planned 36-hour strike by French air traffic controllers has prompted the cancellation of 20 percent of flights from Paris Orly airport and a third of flights from Marseilles, The Guardian reports. Paris Charles De Gaulle airport was not expected to be affected. The Eiffel Tower is set to be closed all day due to a lack of staff. Rail company SNCF has also warned of disruptions to national and regional service, although international service to London and Brussels is not expected to be ...
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Get To Know Your Penguins

If you only know about the Emperor, Adélie, and Rockhopper penguins thanks to popular movies and what's often found in your local zoo, you can't be blamed. But a voyage through the Chilean fjords, the Falkland Islands, and Antarctica will certainly broaden your penguin knowledge. Here's a little primer before you go. Magellanic Penguin Look for these guys around the southern tip of South America or on the Falkland Islands. Rockhopper Penguin Rockhoppers are smaller than other crested penguins, weighing in at around 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg). Chinstrap Penguin Like ...
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Where Is My Computer? A Traveler’s Tale of Woe!

A friend of mine told me of a business colleague who needed to travel to Saudi Arabia for business. It was company policy that while traveling, all executives needed to take a company-issued computer, which is sanitized and configured for international travel. The executive would have none 0f it, insisting that he wanted to take his personal computer instead. He and the head of security had a heart-to-heart talk. The reluctant executive accepted the company-issued computer for this trip. However, it seems the executive still had other ideas as they ...
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