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Why Krayton Travel?

 There are many reasons to choose us . We can help you travel by rail, air and coach, but we are best known as small ship cruising specialists. Think of us first when you want to travel on the water anywhere in the world.

 Our Credentials

             We are members of the American Society of Travel Advisors and have earned their Verified Travel Advisor status. We are members of Cruise Lines International Association and in process to receive their Master Cruise Counselor Award. And we are Certified Travel Consultants and Luxury Travel Advisors through The Travel Institute. We are often quoted in publications like AARP Magazine, Readers Digest, Forbes, Travel Weekly and USA Today.

             Most recently we are proud to report that Conde Nast Traveler Magazine has named Krayton Travel as a Preferred Travel Advisor for 2021.

             We are part of Signature Travel Network, an international travel association that has people on the ground in 100 countries around the world. As a network, we have booked more than $8 billion in travel annually. That is a lot of clout. We are also designated Signature Travel Experts Select for Expedition Cruising.

 Our Value

             What this means for you is that we have the resources to get you inside VIP advantages not available elsewhere. And we have the unpublished phone numbers to work out challenges that inevitably happen.

 About the Internet

             If you want to just purchase a simple flight, rent a car, or a weekend hotel stay, you can do that on your own. The internet is making  simple transactions like that easy. The internet is also good for doing basic research. And because the internet has improved our lives in many ways, we often think that all the answers can be found there. Buyer beware. There is no one that regulates what is posted or verifies what is true on the internet. That is all on you to figure out.

             When designing a bucket list trip or a dream cruise vacation, don’t you want the peace of mind that a professional advocate will bring?

             When you travel across multiple times zones, into multiple cities and countries that use different currencies and languages, a professional travel advisor like Krayton Travel has the resources to know when and how it will be best for you to go.

 Our Cruise Experience

             As for cruising, we have sailed on the mega ships and we have sailed on the more intimate smaller ships for many years. We cruise and inspect new ships each year. Here is what we have found…

             If you like to party, we recommend the mega ships that travel mainly in the Caribbean. The ships and their private islands will be your main attraction. The ships will have many places for you to be entertained, and many places to dine. As a result, many first-time cruisers and young families like them. Be aware when determining your budget that many of the ship’s amenities will cost you extra so the price you initially paid will not likely be the final cost as you exit the ship.

             When you want to travel with smaller groups of travelers, avoid long lines and experience each destination’s local culture, food, music, and history, we recommend traveling by small ship.

             Small ships range from 25 to 900 passengers. They can visit every country that the large ships can, and they can visit less crowded ports, exotic destinations and polar expeditions.

             Small ships can offer the height of luxury or be ruggedly functional, as the itinerary demands. You will spend more time on land, sometimes overnight. Usually all inclusive, but some itineraries have special options that are not included. These ships have all the safety and stability you would expect, with fresh local foods, expert historical insights, engaging local culture and access to rare flora and fauna. The small ship experience combined with the lack of lines and crowds can’t be beat.

             At Krayton Travel, we are familiar with small ships that sail the oceans, rivers, lakes, inland waterways and canals on and around the seven continents. Cruises can be from 4 nights to 144 nights. We even charter these small ships for family gatherings, groups and special events.

 Make Memories, Not Regrets

             At Krayton Travel, we are full-time cruise specialists and have traveled the world extensively. Let us share our joy of travel so you can discover new lands and enjoy memorable vacations, too..

             We want you to think of us like your favorite hair stylist, sports coach or financial planner. You trust them and return to them often because they are reliable and consistent. They have earned your trust.

             We want to earn your trust, too. We’ll listen to your needs, learn your wants and desires, and do the research and planning for you. This will save you lots of time. As we work together, we’ll share the value of our experience and the clout of our connections. And yes, even save you money.

 Getting Started

             We welcome the opportunity for us to get acquainted. Our first meeting is always complimentary. Once you determine that we are the right travel advisors for you, we will be thrilled to have you join our family of loyal clients.

             We have the experience to know where the real values exist… What is included and not included. Figuring this out on your own can be challenging. Krayton Travel does this for you.

 Get The Vacation You Want And Deserve

             We first focus on the values you cherish most when you travel. Once we have those covered, only then will we navigate the best pricing for you including some key options you may have overlooked.

             At Krayton Travel, we measure our success by the fabulous stories of joy, surprise and delight that you bring back to share. It’s never to early to plan. Give us a call today.