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Small ships cover a wide range of cruising types. The commonality between all of them is that they are smaller vessels than the huge mega cruise liners that can only see countries from the outside. With a small ship, you get to explore the country from within. View some popular options here then give us call!


Small ships, “high touch”, east port access, on or more connected nations, local cuisine and culture, history, Travel thought countries not around them, expert tour guides. Explore more…

Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, USA, Canada, Russia


Small to Medium vessels (250-1000 passengers), sail the 7 seas, coastal ports where mega ships cannot go, modern cabins, on-board entertainment, swimming pools, “high” touch, expert tour guides. Ocean cruising includes world cruises but are generally shorter 4 to 30 days. World cruises are usually 40 to 140 days and multiple regions or continents. Explore more…

North America, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, South America, Central America, Panama Canal, Suez Canal, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Island, Caribbean.

Lake and Sea

Small ships on calm waters, visit islands and coastlines, much wildlife, leisure pace watercraft. Explore more…

North American Great Lakes, Europe, Africa, Asia, Black Sea



Bucket list itineraries on modern, ruggedized ships (50 to 500 passengers) to remote locations. High activity level, expert explorer teams.  Kayaks, Rafts and Treks. Explore more…

Arctic Circle, Antarctica, Patagonia, Greenland, Iceland, Northwest Passage, Norway



Active adventure sailing to places larger ships cannot go. Exotic ports on 7 continents. Wildlife, hiking, native cultures. Explore more…

Galapagos, Alaska, Canadian Maritimes, Mexico, Pacific Islands, Africa, Asia, Australia, Mediterranean, Adriatic and Ionian Sea.


Canal and Longboats

Many countries of Europe and Asia have canals used for both commerce and leisure cruising. These are narrow waterways allow 1 to 12 cruisers travel through the countryside on a very leisurely pace. Explore more…

France, Brittany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Netherlands, Germany, North America



Power and sailed yachts take you on adventures to places rarely seen. Local food, water activities and exotic destinations aware from the hurried crowds. Explore more…

US coastal cities, Mexico, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Pacific Islands

Masted Sailing

Multi-masted sailing ship are modern vessels that rely on wind power to travel from place to place. Can be part of crew or just enjoy the fresh air. Lots of activities and a leisure pace. Explore more…

Sails the seven seas by season.


Rent your own vessel on a river, lake or sea. Smaller catamarans can sail from 4 to 20 passengers. Larger ships can be charted partially or totally. Safe and secure. Great for extended family reunions, business retreats, affinity groups, religious groups where you want to tailor the itinerary to your tastes and style and no have to share the vessel with strangers. Explore more…